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Save our Seas & Beaches

Salty Kidz™ love getting sand in our toes (that’s just how it goes), but we care about a lot of other things, too. Our mission is to protect our Sea Friendz and their home, the ocean. We work directly with our local community to preserve ocean habitats, and we don’t mind getting salty doing it!

It’s easy to be a part of Salty Kidz™: the first step is to care about the environment. Even if you don’t live near the coast, there’s a boatload of ways you can dive right in and help, and you don’t even have to get wet!

  1. USE LESS PLASTIC | Any plastic that ends up in the ocean can be harmful to marine life, even if you’re simply throwing it away in the trash. To help your Sea Friendz, carry a reusable water bottle instead of going through single-use bottles (the clear, noisy ones water comes in from the store), and buy cloth bags to bring home your groceries instead of using the thin plastic bags the checkout staff gives you from behind the counter.
  2. RECYCLE | If you have to use something plastic, always try to recycle it. This goes for paper products too! Even if you just throw it away, it can still end up in the ocean someday, and that’s bad. Always remember to check for the three-arrowed recycling symbol, and here’s another important thing to do: cut all six-pack rings so there aren’t any circles left. They can choke turtles and birds if they make their way to the water!
  3. CLEAN UP | If you see litter, whether it’s in a coastal area or not, you can always help the earth by picking it up. Cleaning up litter today means it won’t hurt our Sea Friendz tomorrow. Leave only your footprints!
  4. USE LESS ENERGY | Fossil fuels make our cars run and our electricity work, but burning them also affects the acidity of our oceans. You can support sea life conservation by walking and riding bikes to school instead of being driven, or by just turning off the light when you leave a room. Believe it or not, saving electricity can save sea creatures.
  5. SAVE WATER | Our last and most obvious tip is to save H20! Turn off the faucet when you’re brushing your teeth or shampooing your hair… you’d be surprised how wasteful it can be to keep it running when you’re not actively using it. Save that water for those who need it most: our Sea Friendz!
  6. SHOP SALTY KIDZ™ | Another great way to help your marine life is to Shop Salty Kidz™ and wear the coolest beach gear featuring our hand-drawn Sea Friendz and the awesome coastal trends. You can help save your favorite animal by rocking Salty Kidz™ threads to raise awareness in your community, what could be cooler? Support your favorite animal by purchasing Salty Kidz™ gear! A portion of the proceeds will help us do what we do best, continue saving the seas and our Sea Friendz!