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First Annual Salty Kidz™ Model Search

Do you have a salty kid? Does your child love the ocean, outdoors, and our sea friends? Do they like sand in their toes? How about surfing or collecting seashells? Do you think your kids would look cute in our salty beach apparel? We do, too!

We are looking for local (Jacksonville, FL) models to rock our awesome beach apparel! Anyone can be a Salty Kidz™ model — all you need is a little sunshine, love for our beach and a fun personality!

If you, or anyone you know is interested in becoming considered for our Salty Kidz™ model search, we would love to see your pictures! Contact us on our Facebook, hashtag #saltykidzmodels on our instagram account or simply email your kids photos to!


So…what are we looking for?

Anything and Everything — A diverse mix of cool, fun and local salty kidz!!! Easy-going, laid back, loves the water, surfer-cool and fun-loving kids! Calling all boys and girls with dimples, freckles, tanlines...tall or short…blondes, brunettes, redheads and jet black hair…no teeth, snaggletooth and braces…cool hair, crazy hair, faux hawk, curly or straight…siblings, sisters, twins or friends…blue eyes, brown eyes, glasses or even a pirate patch… We love it all! Most importantly, show off those sweet smiles, your sunny personality and your best Salty Kidz™ pictures!

The Salty Kidz™ Model Search:
(it's going to be so hard to choose from all these beautiful kids!!!)

  1. Simply enter your child by LIKING US on facebook, then uploading or messaging us a photo to our Facebook page
  2. Follow us and Tag us on instagram by using the hashtag #saltykidzmodels
  3. Or, you can email us your photo(s) to


  • Color photographs do work best, so we can see those pretty features that make your child unique!
  • A closeup is not necessary, but can certainly helpful. It doens't need to be a high resolution image, but make sure it's clear enough and large enough so we can see your kiddos!
  • As much as we love sunglasses and hats, try to send us other photos in addition so we can see those sweet faces.
  • Tell us your child's first name, age, activities and what makes them a salty kid, special or what they love about coastal living!

FINALISTS: After March 1, 2014 at 8pm EST, our photo entry phase will close and the Salty Kidz™ team will choose models for Salty Kidz™ to represent our brand. We will then narrow down the rest of our photo entries for our TOP 20 fan-based finalist, which willl then be voted on by YOU! Facebook friends and fans will vote from March 2nd - 7th, 2014.

YOU VOTE: From March 2nd - March 7th, 2014. At 8pm EST voting will close. And the Top 3 Boy and Top 3 Girl finalists with the most number of LIKES will round out our NEW Salty Kidz™ models for our Spring/Summer photoshoot!

WINNERS: All Models and Finalists will be chosen by the Salty Kidz™ team, as well as voted on through Facebook for the remainder of the finalists. Winners will be announced and notified for the Salty Kidz™ Spring/Summer line photoshoot and video. (This is TBD, but will be sometime in late March to early April 2014).

*By submitting your child's photo(s) in any fashion, you are giving Salty Kidz™ permission for use on our website, instagram, Facebook, twitter and other social media outlets, we ask that models are between the ages of 18 months and approx. 12 years of age and reside in the Jacksonville, FL area or willing to travel to our area for a photo shoot. No professional modeling experience is necessary. Professional photos are not required to enter. No compensation will be provided by Salty Kidz™, except some really cute beach and clothing apparel. The finalists and models chosen will be up to the sole discretion of the Salty Kidz™ owners and co-founders.

* If for any reason, any of the winners cannot make the photoshoot, we will reach out to the next our top finalists.

* All Winners will be contacted directly and will be required to sign a photography and modeling release form in order to participate.

* Salty Kidz is not a modeling agency and your child will not modeling contract or compensation.