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"Salty Kid" Song

Our theme song "Salty Kid" is written and performed by the talented Meredith Rae Woodard, who is a beach lover, star gazer and all-around cool chic. We asked her to write a song for our new company and we think it's perfect, don't you? Oh! And we even sing on her album, too!

Meredith Rae is a musician whose sunny "beach folk" style resonates with kids and adults: calling to mind the likes of Colbie Callait, Ingrid Michaelson and other girl-with-guitar chart toppers, her sound is universally appealing while her lyrics teach kids about things like kindness and doing their part to take care of the earth, beach and even anti-bullying...everything the Salty Kidz™ love, too!

Ukeleles, tambourines and sweet, simple melodies abound on Meredith's debut album, "Dance in the Rain," which debuted in October 2013; basically, if Zooey Deschanel made a kids' album and laced it with positive messages, it would probably sound like this.

Now go buy "Dance in the Rain" at Meredith's website! You won't regret it!