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Give Back (Salty Kidz™ Mission)

Enjoying the beach is a privilege, not a right. To keep enjoying that privilege, we have to treat our oceans with respect and take care of them the way they take care of us. That’s why we make it our mission at Salty Kidz™ to share our love of the sea and the creatures that live in it – to spread the joy of the ocean and get everyone stoked about keeping it clean.

We love helping our beach community by doing beach cleanups and other activities to keep our Sea Friendz safe. If you live in North Florida, you can doggy-paddle on over to our Events and Projects to see what’s on deck and join in the fun, and even if you’re far away, you can still dig in and help out by following the tips on the Save Our Seas page, or better yet Shop our Salty Kidz™ threads that were drawn + designed by us -- a portion of the proceeds go back to helping the ocean life!

Home is where the waves crash, so let's take care of our home! Who's on board? Sign up for our Salty Kidz™ Club so you can help us with beach clean ups, fun runs and protecting our beaches and sealife. We can't wait to hang out with you!

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