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Safety Zone Tips

At the beach, on the lake or just swimming in the pool, it’s always important to practice being safe, both in and out of the water. Here are some tips from the Salty Kidz™:

  1. Always, always wear sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher, even on cloudy days. The U/V rays can cause sunburns and sun damage. A swim shirt, hat and glasses are good ideas, too!
  2. Choose a spot that’s close to lifeguards; especially at the beach, the safest place is near a lifeguard station or chair.
  3. Never swim alone! Make sure you're with your parents and stay close by at all times.
  4. Don't drink the saltwater; it can make you sick! The same goes for pool and lake water, too!
  5. Never throw sand; it can get in someone's eyes (and boy, does that sting).
  6. Stay hydrated (drink fresh water and beverages) when you're in the sun and outdoors.
  7. If you see a jellyfish or any other sea animals that wash up on the shore, don't touch! It could still sting you or be poisonous. Tell an adult so they can keep other kids safe, too.
  8. Never, ever go off with strangers! Even if they offer you candy, a puppy or a kite. They might be trying to trick you. If a stranger approaches you and something doesn’t seem right, run the other way, scream and find your parent right away!
  9. Please don't feed the sea animals or birds. They’re just not meant to eat “people food.”
  10. Don't be a litterbug! Keep our waters clean and safe!

Riptide Currents

Also known as riptides or undertows, riptide currents are long, narrow but strong bands of water that can pull objects away from shore and out to sea. Here’s what to do if you're ever caught in a riptide:

  • Stay calm and don't panic. Conserve your energy so you can get back to the shore once you’re loose.
  • Call for help if you can't swim well. Be LOUD; don’t be shy!
  • Swim parallel to the shore (pause to float on your back or tread water if you get tired) until the riptide stops.
  • Finally, swim diagonally toward the shore once you can. Again, yell if you need someone to help you.