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Meet the Salty Kidz™

Wondering who the Salty Kidz™ are? We’re Luke and Nora! The kids behind this website, and the artists responsible for all the T-shirt designs and Salty Kidz™ gear you’ll see here (with a little help from our mom, of course).

Salty Kidz™ is a family-run business that’s all about sharing a love of the ocean, sea animals, art, and most importantly, water safety and conservation . It’s a website designed by kids, for kids. We have lived near the ocean since we were born, and have a love for the ocean as deep as the sea itself. When I asked if Nora and I could start a website, my mom and dad asked, “What kind?” I immediately said, “Sea animals!” and the idea for Salty Kidz™ was born. As a family, we brainstormed until we came up with the name, which is perfect because of Nora’s longtime nickname “Salty Girl” thanks to her love of salty foods. Of course, the ocean is made of saltwater, and everybody goes home a little salty when they leave the beach. Perfect, right? Yep, we thought so, too.

Since the Salty Kidz™ care so much about sea life, we want to teach other kids what we know. That’s why we created this site as a family: to share a treasure trove of fun sea facts and inspire kids everywhere to take better care of our oceans. Our mom and dad, Dan and Jessie, grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and practically have saltwater running through their veins: both are certified SCUBA divers, and in their spare time, dad loves to boat and surf while mom practices yoga and documents our adventures by the sea with her camera. Our family loves to travel, but we stay involved with the Jax Beach community and support local businesses – so that we can learn and grow with all our Salty Friendz.

So stick around a while and hang ten with us. Let’s all learn about (and protect!) sea life together, and have fun while we’re doing it!

Learn more about the Salty Kidz™ team here

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